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Due diligence processes for potential donations

With charities such as museums and galleries relying increasingly on donations to supplement public grant funding, this report summarises the issues faced and best-practice management of the risks associated with donations as a source of income.

4 Aug 2017
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Departmental Overview: The performance of the Department for Culture, Media & Sport 2013-14

This Departmental Overview is one of 17 we have produced covering our work on each major government department. It summarises our work on the Department for Culture, Media & Sport 2013-14.

16 Feb 2015
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2012-13 review of the data systems for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Review of a sample of the data systems underpinning the input and impact indicators in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s Business Plan, Common Areas of Spend and wider management information.
This review was carried out on the 2012-15 Business Plan. Revised Business Plans were issued in June 2013.

12 Aug 2013